Welcome to my website. Its purpose is to introduce my work, to share news, ideas and interests relevant to it. Under A Little More you can find posts. The latest news is about the first presentation of The Violinist in Hungary under Clare’s story in Veszprém.

The Violinist: Clare Galambos Winter, Holocaust Survivor (2011) is my second biography, following Nola Millar: A Theatrical Life (2006). Both were published by Victoria University Press.  I am now working on a biography of trail-blazing lawyer and human rights activist, Shirley Smith.


Klára Galambos was a twenty-year-old violin student in Budapest in March 1944. Arrested and thrown into jail in the first days after the German occupation, she later managed to get home to Szombathely, was in the ghetto there and transported with the Jews of Szombathely to Auschwitz Birkenau. After five weeks she and her aunt were among the thousand Hungarian women selected for slave labour at Allendorf. They returned to Hungary after the war, and in 1948 they both left Hungary for New Zealand, where Clare joined the fledgling national orchestra. As a long-serving member of the NZSO, she made a significant contribution to the musical life of this country, and is now retired in Wellington.

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See Helen Watson White’s comprehensive review APPASSIONATO | THE LANDFALL REVIEW ONLINE, December 2011 

This book is gripping, valuable and humbling.  — Peter Russell, New Zealand Books, Winter 2011

… a very honest book … incredibly moving, very simply told.  — Kate de Goldi, Good Morning, TV ONE15 February 2011

… a powerful, galloping read.   Cheryl Pearl Sucher, SUNDAY STAR TIMES, 6 March 2011

2011: Best Books, SUNDAY STAR TIMES, 4 December 2011


Victoria University Press has reprinted The Violinist. It is available in all good New Zealand bookshops and online at  http://vup.victoria.ac.nz/the-violinist-clare-galambos-winter/